Who We Are

Bayut.jo is a pioneering real estate marketing platform in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and a part of a larger group of companies; the "Dubizzle Group Holdings Limited". Bayut.jo works in a similar manner as its other counterparts in the UAE and KSA which primarily connects agents, tenants, homeowners, and investors and helps them deal with their property search needs through a wide range of detailed listings and residential projects in Jordan. Bayut.jo is equipped with highly sophisticated technology and aims to provide support to everyone interested in all aspects of property related dealings. It is specially helpful for agents and agencies in Jordan to advertise their property listings to the right audience leading to success for everyone looking to buy, sell or rent properties.

Leveraging on the success of Bayut.com in the UAE and Bayut’s acquisition of Lamudi’s assets in the Middle East including Jordan, has put Bayut.jo is in a favourable position to help steer the growing real estate market in the country to a greater level of success. Bayut has already established itself as a dominant player for real estate solutions in the ME with its successful and most popular portal Bayut.com in the UAE. At Bayut, we as a brand are committed to provide a unique experience to our customers by offering an effective range of solutions and services that will help enhance the home buying/selling and renting experience.

Our mission is "to incorporate our core values of Honesty, Ownership, and Innovation to bring the most transparent property portal that not only helps consumers choose their homes but also creates a viable business opportunity for our clients."

What we are not

Bayut.jo is not a brokerage agency or a real estate development company. We don't charge anyone any sort of commission on real estate transactions, we exist to facilitate the business of real estate, and all of our revenue comes from advertising, and we most certainly do not share Bayut users' information to third parties.

How we started out

Bayut.com was founded in 2008 in the UAE by entrepreneur brothers Haider, Zeeshan and Imran Ali Khan. In 2009, Bayut.com was awarded Best Property Portal Arabia award by MSNBC. In 2014 Mr. Giles Blanchard a founder of SeLoger.com - France's largest real estate portal, became a part of the journey as Chairman of Bayut. A year later, Bayut announced the first round of investment funds in 2015, and has been on an accelerated growth plan ever since with its latest round of $100M in funding bringing the total amount raised till date to $160M, which is the highest amount ever raised by a real estate webiste in the entire MENA region.

Our Team

  • Haider Ali Khan

    CEO at Bayut.com
  • Haroon Rashid

    CEO at Bayut.sa
  • Zeeshan Ali Khan

    Co-Founder & Board Member
  • Imran Ali Khan

    Co-Founder & Board Member
  • Gilles Blanchard

    Chairman Bayut.com, Co-Founder Seloger.com